LittleLife Toddler DaySack Sells Every 15 Minutes

The LittleLife DaySack is not a new story however it is an impressive one. We were told an interesting statistic whilst here at Outdoor…

1 in 7 children has one, and if that doesn’t impress you then this should. One LittleLife DaySack is sold every 15 minutes…even through the night. Bonkers huh!


Now if you don’t have children or have been hiding under a rock the daysack is a cute toddler sized backpack that features a built-in safety harness and comes with a useful removable safety rein, oh & they are available in an array of designs, including various Disney characters and new for 2016 is a Gruffalo pack. (you can see his face peaking out at the far right of the above picture)

Building on the success of the day sack LittleLife have released the SwimPak, a slightly larger pack for age 3 years upwards. The SwimPak is made from tough, splash-resistant fabric. Currently available is Fred The Frog, however from Spring next year he will be joined by Nemo and Dory from Pixar’s Finding Nemo.


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  • Beth Burling

    This is defiantly the best toddler purchase we have bought. Husband had to do a hr round trip to his Nans as we left them there thank you