LittleLife Disney Dory Swim Bag

The people at LittleLife know exactly what children want and what parents need. They create appealing and attractive travel apparel and outdoor accessories that children really love.

And their products are practical and very well made, making parents happy to buy them. My daughter already owns a LittleLife backpack, I bought it for her when she was just 1. It’s been well-loved and well-used.

But she’s almost grown out of it now, and it has reduced use because it’s just not big enough for the amount of stuff she insists on carrying.


Therefore I was beyond delighted – as was she – when we were asked to review the LittleLife Disney Dory swim bag by the gorgeous folk at GearWeAre.

This is marketed as size appropriate for children aged 3+, and I’d agree. In fact, this is size appropriate for quite a wide age range because it has adjustable shoulder straps and an amazing 10 litre capacity too.



That’s enough space for a lot of stuff!

The marketing and design of the product was of course timed to coincide with the cinema release of Finding Dory

The good news for LittleLife is that the film was such a mega roaring success, that Dory will continue to appeal to children for a long time yet, making this swim bag still fashionable and therefore appealing to children who care about having the very latest thing.

Here’s why this bag really works well…

  • It’s got plenty of space for all swim essentials.
  • It’s splash resistant on the outside, and you can wipe it clean.
  • It’s sufficiently waterproof on the inside that wet swimming gear doesn’t leak through.
  • It has a fairly discrete zippy pocket at the back just big enough for locker money or a small after swim snack.
  • It fastens really easily for small hands.
  • The fastening is practical, unfussy and flexible too. You just Velcro the top, then you roll the top down and clip it in place at the side of the bag…
  • This method of fastening has the advantage of being able to make Dory as big or small as needs be depending on the load you’re carrying.
  • Finally, the bag has padded, adjustable shoulder straps which are comfortable and practical.


Ultimately this is a very well made and appealing, functional bag and I highly recommend it.

And a final thought from my daughter….

She adores it so much that she dresses Dory up and once asked if her LittleLife Disney Dory swim bag could sleep in her bed when she was first given it…


5-hammersMore: LittleLife
Price: £24.99