Lifeventure – Ultralite Wash Holdall

There are few places on Earth where I’d be less inclined to lay my toothbrush on the side of the sink than in a Bolivian Hostel bathroom. When travelling through the country a few years ago I developed a dexterity worthy of the finest circus acrobat in order to hold my toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and towel aloft and free from all surfaces for the duration of a ‘Good Wash’ after 48-hours on a dusty bus.

The Wife, posing in a typical outhouse, Bolivia Style

Despite my feats of balance, The Wife remained unimpressed and insisted that we adopt one of our drybags – used to keep passports and money safe and sound – into a washbag. So was the start of my transition from “unprepared oik” to “washbag man”… and fast-forward to this week.

You're not drunk; it's wonky

I’ve just returned from a few days away on business and used the Lifeventure Ultralite Wash Holdall to carry all my liquids and toothbrush. It’s made from a tough but lightweight siliconised Cordura, which means that any spills and toothpaste eruptions remain within the bag and save your socks from a good minting.

It has a chunky double-zip opening, and a webbing carry handle, and is finished in a tasteful grey and orange so you can retain some of your man-points as you stride into the bathroom in your Washbag Man guise. It actually looks pretty good, with an assymetrical design and very modern ‘outdoorsy’ look.

Opening it up reveals a bright orange lip that works to stop an accidental and game-ending cascade of toothbrush to the floor. Above that is a very handy plastic mirror which won’t smash if smooshed. And most useful of all is a tough little plastic hook which is perfect for hanging the whole thing off a handy tap, shower or loosely-connected electrical connection… depending on the quality of your residence!

It also has a separate internal zippered pocket for, er, things. I’m sure a woman could find a hundred uses for this pocket, but as a bloke I don’t have enough toiletries to utilise it. I suppose it could house the mini shampoo bottles I stole from the hotel!

SUMMARY: The whole thing works as it should and I can’t see any reason to criticise it. It’s lightweight (98g), stylish and works well. What’s not to like? It beats the hell out of laying your toothbrush down on a dirty sink.

 Price: £19.99
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