Lifeventure – Thermal Mug

I’m very disappointed. I’ve just returned from a 6-mile speed hike on a very blustery day. It’s a route I measured out on my OS map and follows a valley floor from home to a pretty little view over a Surrey hamlet. I like to get to the ‘turn around’ point and allow myself 5 minutes for a drink and absorb the view. Today’s 5-minutes were completely spoilt by the Lifeventure Thermal Mug keeping the cup of tea which I brewed before leaving home way too hot to enjoy in my short break.

Pretty in pink. And green. Blue… etc.

I seethed the 50 minute hike home and looked forward to taking a gulp on my return instead. But no, that too was ruined by the thermal mug, which stubbornly refused to allow my tea to reach anything resembling drinkable temperature for a good few more minutes of being open to the air.

Quite sexy really

So, it works excellently for sealing in heat (or cold), that’s safe to say. And it’s very impressively leak-proof too. The top only turns 1/3rd of a revolution before you can hold it upside down and gasp at the lack of boiling beverage falling on your feet. 2 hours of bouncing around in a backpack pocket caused not even a sniff of a leak.

The top of the Thermal Mug unscrews to house a teabag. But it also serves to allow pressure to dissipate as your drink cools. Lifeventure describe it thus ” Expansion chamber with pressure release valve in lid”. It’s also the perfect place to stash a Murray Mint.

It weighs in at 300g, which is reassuringly heavy. And it feels rugged, being made from stainless steel – there are no glass thermos-style inners to shatter.

I could pick holes in the design for not having any form of attachment mechanism. But then, it’s small enough to fit in even the smallest pockets of my daysack, so you don’t need them really. And you could argue that it’s the same price as a larger 0.5L Thermos flask, but then again I don’t want to carry more than one cup of tea, or the additional weight. So think of it as a cute little one-man flask for that essential cuppa on a hike, at work or wherever.

SUMMARY: Works brilliantly at keeping the OO in your Typhoo for well over 3 hours. Good size for a single cup of tea, and small enough to stash in a side-pocket of most backpacks. Looks great, feels rugged and seals itself brilliantly. Just cool your tea before leaving home if you’ll be in a rush later.




  • AlexB

    I’ve had one of these for a couple of years now and love it. Mine is red anodised and is still looking nearly spotless. I’d agree entirely with the comments, it works very, very well. You definitely get at least 8 hours of “hot” insulation – i.e. almost undrinkably hot tea! I’ve used this for quite a few overnight bike rides now and there’s a certain smugness to be had in opening such a tiny thermos and having your glasses steamed over by the escaping heat at 4-5am!
    If I criticised anything I’d say that tempting little top compartment needs something to stash in it. Like the author, I’ve popped a tea bag and some sugar cubes in it, but it’s crying out for a tiny removable liner so you could fill it with condensed milk and then drop the whole lot into the main body of the flask so for a shot of hot water you could get a fresh fix of sugary, milky tea!
    It’s a great piece of kit though and regularly gets comments when I take it out and about with me.

  • T Cross

    Bought 3 mugs just before Christmas, 2 work perfectly but 1 when filled with hot water explodes blowing the top off. Going back to the shop tomorrow

  • H Now

    I’ve got to agree with ‘T Cross’ about the top being blown off when hot water is put into the mug, mine does the same. I think the screw thread on the lid is far far too shallow and if the lid contracts when it’s cold then you can spend all day trying to screw the lid on, just for it to spin with the threads not catching; I’ve noticed this more often when I put ice-cubes in the mug in the summer, the cold leaves the mug useless…..shame cos’ I love the size, weight and design. I’d give it 2 hammers. :-/

  • Craig Lancaster Marr

    I am on my second mug since I accidentally left my first in an airline stowage bin last summer! That one was matt black which looked cool but unfortunately started losing its paint finish and was easily scratched. Its replacement is shiny red which matches my laptop!

    For the price these are great mugs – I make my morning coffee at 6.15am every morning and it stay hot for at least 3 hours and remains drinkably warm for I would say another two. Perfect for me at school (I teach) so I can whet my whistle between classes.

    I agree about the top potentially blowing off. It never happened with the first mug but with this one it happened the other morning and I burnt when hot coffee erupted over the kitchen (I had foolishly shaken the mug to stir the brew mind you!) Overall its a rugged piece of kit I am happy to recommend. My only beef is why not a uniform price instead of charging more for certain paint finishes? Seems like petty gouging.