Lifeventure – Thermal Mug Jacket

You may remember a little while ago we reviewed Lifeventure’s sexy little thermal mug, and we had a little rant about how it kept our tea too hot over a 2-hour hike. Well, if you’re the masochistic type, or have an asbestos-lined mouth, you can up the ante of your mug’s insulation by using their new Thermal Mug Jacket. It adds an impressive 25% to the insulation of the Thermal Mug itself, which by my reckoning means that you’d have to wait several weeks before consuming a cup of tea.

Mug, glasses… whatever.

Or, you could forget all that and use the Thermal Mug Jacket in a wholly innapropriate way, as a very good padded eyewear pouch!

As soon as I opened the box from Lifeventure a couple of weeks ago, I knew that the Thermal Mug Jacket was more than it said on the tin. It comes with an ultra-secure Velcro and popper connection so it can be looped over a belt, waistband or strap in pretty much any direction. And a sturdy zipper keeps the top securely closed even when you’re fighting your way through brambles.

The Jacket is made from a very tough Cordura and Hypalon (man-made reinforced rubber), and is rugged as a bear in a stab-vest. Inside is a much softer material which won’t scratch your mug or glasses, and enough padding that knocks and bumps won’t do any damage.

So, you could buy the Thermal Mug Jacket for year-round use: In winter as a mug insulator, and in summer as a sunglasses pouch. I reckon Lifeventure are missing a trick on their marketing here…

SUMMARY: As a Thermal Mug Jacket it keeps your already roasting-hot drink hotter for longer. And as a pouch for glasses it works just as well. Bloody tough construction, cast-iron attachment system and a great styling.