Lifeventure Soft Fibre Trek Towel

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Lifeventure Soft Fibre Trek Towel

Here’s another review of something dull-but-worthy. I make no apologies for this. It’s vital you know such things. And anyway, I’m typing it outside a shop on my generic smart phone while Mrs Muz goes looking for knickers or something, so I’m at a loose end.

Travel towels. I know. I know.

Being a big fan of taking as much as possible in the car when going camping, I’m not averse to throwing in a lovely, snuggly full-sized towel.
But when you need to trim the weight down for hiking or biking, you need to rethink the
whole fluffy Egyptian thing.
And so we have the Lifeventure Soft Fibre Trek Towel (large).

Coming in a plastic bag inside a zippy pouch to keep it clean and compact, this towel packs down to around the size of a… I don’t know… a pocket dictionary? It’s also nice and light – exactly, and I mean exactly, the same weight as my Virgin Media cable TV remote control. The towel on its own is 135g for the anoraks out there, which is the same as the remote with a battery or two taken out. And it’s thin. Dead thin.

The Lifeventure website claims this towel absorbs nine times its own weight in water and dries eight times quicker than an ordinary towel, which is all well and good – the makers would say that, wouldn’t they? Except they’re not far wrong in reality. I mean, I haven’t soaked and weighed it and I haven’t sat with a stopwatch while it dried, but having used this for almost a fortnight on our recent France tour I can say with confidence that it soaks up water excellently despite its weight and lack of density and it dries pretty quickly when strung up on a line between a couple of bikes. In fact it’s on a par with a ‘proper’ towel in terms of sorting you out after a shower, and the large one is just the right size for the job, but it’s far superior when it comes to air drying.
On the (minor) downside its light weight means it does have a tendency to bunch and roll up when you’re dragging it over your freshly-scrubbed largest organ, but that’s certainly not a reason not to buy one. It’s also a teeny bit like using a very soft chamois, but that’s not really a negative point either.

The aforementioned website also says the Trek Towel is treated with Ax Antibacterial formula, whatever the hell that is, but apparently this means it won’t stand up on its hind legs and waddle off after a few uses, leaving you to hunt it down it with your acute sense of smell. It allegedly won’t stink, is the bottom line.
But in the real world it kind of does, as you’d expect.
After half a dozen uses, and after a couple of times being put away slightly damp, absolutely anything is going to start to whiff a bit. And this towel is no different.
It’s not a stomach-churning pong by any means, but it’s a niff nevertheless.
So the only advice I’d give is to give it a good rinse now and then and try your best to dry it out as thoroughly as possible each time. It’s not rocket science – look after it and it’ll look after you.
Well, it’ll dry you at least. It’s only a towel, FFS.

SUMMARY: Very good. Available in five sizes (‘face’ to ‘giant’) and five different colours it does what you want it to, dries fairly quickly and is as light as 135g of feathers (large). Just make sure you take care of it and give it a dunk in the sink now and then or it’ll run away and join the circus.

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