Lifeventure – Ellipse plate and cutlery set

Cutlery sets that fix together for storage are not new and I recall using a metal knife/fork/spoon combination when I was a boy scout. These plastic utensils from Lifeventure are push fit and I do worry that over time they may not stay together as well as the old fashioned metal ones do, however initially they seem fine. My other concern with the plastic utensil set is that to give the individual items enough rigidity they are made of quite thick plastic, especially at the business end.

lifeventure-ellipse-cutleryThe knife has good serrations on it but it makes hard work of fine slicing due to its thickness; the fork similarly is sharp enough at the pointy end but it too feels clumsy when stabbing your errant cherry tomatoes; and the spoon feels big in the mouth somewhat like an enlarged baby spoon.

Nevertheless they seem to be strong enough to do the job and you don’t feel at risk of breaking or bending them on a particularly well done sausage or resilient lump of cheddar.

The plate is elliptical in shape (perhaps hence the name) and has a deep lip around it which helps prevent you from wearing your food when the plate is on an uneven surface, good if you like baked beans with your morning fry-up.

lifeventure-ellipse-platejpgAt one end of the plate there is a hanging point that looks like a small handle, the idea being that you can hook this (and the bowl that is also available) together by a karabiner for storage when not in use. It is also a handy way to hold onto the plate with a single hand as you shovel your food if you do not have a surface to place your plate on.

All items are made in the UK from BPA free lightweight and durable plastic material and come in four colours, blue, purple, green or graphite.