Lifesystems – Survival Whistle

This isn’t a very long review, because it doesn’t need to be, and because my ears are ringing and I’d like a little lie-down.

Toot toot

Lifesystems have packaged up this bright orange, all-plastic whistle with a simple stainless steel ring, so it can be hung on any backpack, PFD or other attachment you can imagine and sit there, all tantalising and hi-viz until you need it.

And then, with a puff of air that only requires half your lung capacity, a sound like a thousand screaming Justin Bieber fans assaults your ears without mercy.

It’s seriously loud. 122db, which is the same as standing 4ft away from a pneumatic drill, or 3db below pain threshold. It’s unnatural. It’s offensive. It’ll get you heard!

It was so loud I had to stop blowing in order to say ouch.

SUMMARY: If you want a VERY loud, rustproof, no moving parts, always there when you need it whistle, look no further. Enough said.