LifeStraw – launches the LifeStraw Safe Water Fund

A new safe water fund launched by LifeStraw provides a means for socially minded individuals and organisations to support safe water projects around the world. The fund will facilitate contributions by people seeking to assist victims of Ecuador Earthquake


LifeStaw have launched the Safe Water Fund to provide individuals and organizations with a means to contribute to high-impact programs that provide access to safe water for developing communities, schools and people affected by natural disasters.

The Fund is set up as an interactive online platform managed by the New Venture Fund, a 501-c3 public charity. Individuals and groups can support programs through tax-deductible contributions that go toward specific safe water programs they select.

The Fund capitalizes on the enormous power of individuals and organizations to drive change. Launched on Earth Day, an internationally recognized day aimed at increasing awareness about the responsibility we all have to contribute to a healthier, more sustainable planet.


Contributors to the LifeStraw Safe Water Fund can make an impact by choosing to support the expansion of safe water programs in primary schools in Kenya or India or suggest a new safe water program for consideration. Contributors can also help provide safe water to victims of the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Ecuador last weekend.


The Fund also facilitates partnerships between LifeStraw and like-minded companies and organizations to implement larger scale projects in communities around the world.

All projects are implemented by the LifeStraw team or its partners, and utilize LifeStraw water purifiers that are independently tested by the World Health Organization. The company has vast experience with small and large-scale water technology distribution, emergency and implementation projects around the world. All projects use sophisticated electronic monitoring platforms to track locations, usage and follow-up over time so contributors are able to witness the impact of their actions.

“The LifeStraw Safe Water Fund was created in response to requests from individuals and organizations who know and trust the LifeStraw brand and products, appreciate the impact of LifeStraw programs and want to help expand the reach of these safe water programs to people who need them,” explained Alison Hill, Managing Director–Water, for the LifeStraw company.

“They reach out to us often, asking how they can get more engaged in safe water solutions beyond the purchase of a product. This Fund provides them an opportunity to get involved,” Hill added.

The LifeStraw Safe Water Fund is a project of the New Venture Fund, a 501-c3 public charity. The New Venture Fund has been supporting innovative and effective public interest projects since 2006. It offers an efficient, cost-effective, and transparent platform to launch and operate projects like the LifeStraw Safe Water Fund. Additionally, an external advisory board provides expert guidance to ensure projects are implemented and monitored in the most efficient way to achieve impact.

For more information, visit the LifeStraw Safe Water fund