Leki – XS Lite Table

Last year on the Leki strand we got a sneak peek of some folding chair samples, these designs have now been firmed up and they have the Sub 1 and Chiller chairs available for you to buy.

These are a simple frame and canvas construction, packing down into their own smart looking carry bags – the construction obviously benefits from Leki’s many years of pole development, making them super sturdy yet very lightweight. These chairs RRP at around the £100 mark, which may cause some sucking of teeth, but if you compare them to others on the market it’s about right, plus these will last you many, many years longer than those dreadful folding chairs you can pick up from service stations.

leki table

To this little set up they have added a really neat looking table. Again a folding frame set-up for the legs, topped up with a hard plastic slat construction. These slats have been perforated to reduce weight but that doesn’t appear to compromised the stability – and it was this that really stood out. Here at GWA we have tested low, folding tables before but they’ve tended to be a bit on the bouncy and wobbly side.

Price: £95 (RRP)