Leatherman – Style CS

Keychain sized, but mighty useful

I thought I was having a depth-perception problem when I received the world’s smallest box from Leatherman a couple of months ago. Was it really that small, or was it just far away? It was like a matchbox. I expected to see some sort of corporate freebie inside it rather than a multitool.

I opened it up, waiting for my single chocolate treat to fall out and instead revealed this diminutive keychain tool which I admit to sniggering at and deriding as a bit of a “girl’s tool”.

Nevertheless, I stuck it on my house keys and now 10 weeks later I’ve decided that it’s either the perfect every-day multitool, or that I’m a bit of a girl…

Equipped with a small set of very sharp scissors, some tiny tweezers, a file, small screwdriver, 1-inch blade and bottle opener, the Leatherman Style CS doesn’t pack in a huge number of tools in order to keep its size and weight down. But, what I’ve come to realise is that the tools which it DOES pack in are pretty much perfect for day-to-day use. I’ve kept a little list of things that the Style CS has helped me with:

  • Removing a large splinter from my finger
  • Opening many, many boxes and packages
  • Removing ticks from the dog
  • Opening beers
  • Chopping down bramble bushes covering a stile
  • Removing thorns from a snagged jacket
  • Trimming nails
  • Pulling out a 4ft long nasal hair which decided to wave at people one afternoon

So you see, it seems to be those little jobs where you wouldn’t necessarily be carrying a multitool that the Style CS comes in most handy. It’s not really a campsite or backpacking tool – you’d be better off with a larger version for that – but as something to stick on your keys and have handy all the time it’s just about perfect.

It’s made from a decent grade of steel and has the usual high-quality Leatherman finish. It will flex under a lot of force, due to its size and thin walls, but since it only has a 1-inch blade you probably should turn to a bigger, more solid tool if you’re doing anything that requires that kind of force.

RRP for the Style CS seems to be £30, but I’m seeing it for £17 online which is a steal for a tool this well built and useful.

SUMMARY: Leatherman’s diminutive Style CS is one of those tools which you can clip on your keys and forget about until you get that splinter, or need to open that box, cut that rope or remove that tick. It’s handy, and at £17 its not exactly a big investment either. I’ve grown from thinking that it was a bit of a girl’s tool, to keeping it on me all the time, just in case. Brilliant.

Price: £17-£30 online
From: Google Shopping

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  • If you like this, then have a look at the Leatherman Squirt PS4, it’s around £35, and easily manages to be both the smallest and most useful multi tool I’ve ever owned.

    • Thanks Tim, I’ll ask for one to compare.

  • James BB

    How would you compare it to the Utili-Key you reviewed previously?
    Time for a “Keyring-Tools-Comparo” review?

    • It’s a different beast altogether. The Utilikey is the same size and weight as a key… I’ve even been through airport security with it not being noticed. The Style CS is definitely a ‘tool’, albeit a small one. It’s about the same size as a pack of chewing gum and feels nice and solid and weighty for it’s size.

      Utilikey review is here:

  • I LOVE small things. I really want one of those…

  • Philip Dorking

    I have two of the big brothers to this ……. and if you put one on your belt you walk in circles cos’ of the weight!

    Looks like a very grown up version of a swiss army penknife …. want it!!!!

  • I just cannot wait to get one of these – they look so cool and have everything I need on it!