Leatherman – Micra

Despite the slightly unfortunate choice of name, which instantly conjures up thoughts of the kind of vehicle a maiden aunt will likely be found pootling to the shops in, the Leatherman Micra is a tiny, slim thing of beauty, around the size of a pack of chewing gum, and not much heavier.

leatherman micra folded


Available in red, stainless steel, grey, blue and black, my version is red according to the packet, though it looks suspiciously pink. This gave me the immediate impression that it was going to be a more delicate than the usual multitool. This impression was continued by the tool selection, which features a pair of scissors in the central position, where the more usual tool would be pliers, and interestingly also includes a small pair of tweezers.
The remainder of the tools are a more usual array however: a small knife; screwdrivers: medium, extra small flat and Phillips; a nail file/cleaner; a ruler and a bottle opener – slender but surprisingly functional.
leatherman micra
All the tools open out easily, but reassuringly solidly, there’s no feeling that they’re going to fall out if you happen to sneeze on them. They also all function as they are intended, something that all-too-often doesn’t happen with this kind of small multi-function tool set.
It’s a neat set, designed to attach to a keyring. These aren’t the tools you’d want to grab if you needed to fix something technical, but they are the kind of tools you might use on a daily basis, making this a neat and practical additional to any pocket. I’ve actually surprised myself by using this more often than my more ‘tool-heavy’ multi-tool, as these are things you tend to want to have to hand.