KoziKidz – Vind Fleece Jacket

Living in the UK it’s so easy to get it wrong when it comes to choosing clothes for the day’s potential weather conditions. As an adult we have to take any wrong decisions on the chin – which can mean freezing your butt off and maintaining a stiff upper lip for example. Or walking home in soaking wet clothes after taking the risk and leaving your umbrella behind.

…there’s no point complaining – no one will listen or care.

Kozi Kidz

Try telling a 2 year old that though. Go on try! Let them get soaked to the bone or frozen to the core and then tell them to stop whinging – go on I dare you…

…Actually no, I don’t really – obviously. Because it’s YOUR job as their responsible adult to cover for every single weather eventuality when packing up the clothes they might possibly need every single time you leave the house.

It’s a very big responsibility. Get it wrong and you will need to endure not only the mother of all complaints at extremely high volume and shrill pitch, but the guilt associated with being a crap parent, as well as the smug, self-righteous glances of other mums and dads who went out better prepared that you.


And so it is with a happy heart that I took possession of today’s item of clothing under the microscope, the Kozi Kidz Vind Fleece Jacket in a lovely nautical blue.

It is a ‘get out of trouble’ jacket and I love it. It’s very light to carry, it scrumples up small so you can stuff it under a pushchair or into a bag, and it reheats the wearer almost instantly.

The Kozi Kidz Vind Fleece Jacket serves 3 fantastic functions in fact:

  1. It warms your child up and keeps them warm because it’s made of fleecy stuff
  2. It stops your child from getting any colder because it’s wind proof
  3. It keeps your child’s core dry in a light shower or drizzle because it’s a little bit water resistant…

It’s the one jacket I don’t go out without now…even if the sky seems to be cloudless and the trees appear to be still.

Kozi Kidz

I’d recommend the Kozi Kidz Vind Fleece Jacket to any parent who likes to travel light, as I do, but who doesn’t want to get caught out with a chilly or damp child!

It works perfectly as a single layer over a vest, t-shirt or dress on a lovely day that suddenly develops a cool breeze, and it layers up well with jumpers and even a raincoat over the top if you want a really effective warming layer that buffets the breeze.

The Kozi Kidz Vind Fleece Jacket is a very effective and versatile layer to have close at hand.

One final comment from me: it has what I initially dismissed as a silly and unnecessary feature, namely thumbholes in the cuffs. However, my first impression was wrong – the thumbholes serve two purposes…

  1. It makes layering easier as you can secure the jacket in place over the thumb and then put a raincoat or a down jacket over the top – without then having the pain of trying to fish the ruckled up sleeves down from beneath the top layer!
  2. It entertains and charms your child into wanting to wear the jacket! My daughter loves the little thumbholes and so I no longer have to force another layer on her, she’s happy to put this jacket on.

kozi kidz

A little bit of technical detail in case you want it:

  • A fleece with an extra membrane layer which offers additional wind protection.
  • Windproof to 8000mm.
  • Breathable to 500mm.
  • Water resistant with a weight of 300g.
  • Reflective piping on the sleeves and reflective spots on the back/bum make your child suitably high-vis.
  • High collar and fishtail back keep your child properly snugly.
  • Sizes available: 74-130cm.
  • Colours available: nautical blue, orange or berry.

5-hammers Price: £39.80

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