KoziKidz – Oxford Rain Jacket & Trousers

This is a guest review by Kate, and Ella (aged 6 and a bit).

I keep the jacket or the bunny gets it!

I was a little concerned when my daughter was asked to try the Kozi Kidz outfit for this review as, at the grand old age of 6, she is already the pickiest, girliest girl ever. If the coat and trousers didn’t arrive with glitter and pink sparkles on there was a good chance that she would refuse to wear them.
My fears were realised when she took one look at the trousers and said ‘Trousers are for boys!’, and that was that. However, the coat went on immediately and didn’t come off even at bedtime. It had to be prised off her once she was in the land of nod.

Both the coat and trousers were a very successful shade of pink, bright enough to make sure you don’t lose the little ones on a trip to the woods, but not so pink that it would offend the less girlie girls out there. Having looked at the KoziKidz website though, there seem to be a good range of colours that would satisfy all. (And of course, they do Boys’ gear too)

Good for sun and rain

I finally managed to get the trousers, along with the coat, on to our mini-reviewer and off she went, on a rather windy and wet evening, to walk the dog with her grandfather. This is an event that often leaves her cold and grumpy as she refuses to put an extra cardigan on, but she returned in a good mood with no complaints of the cold. Excellent.


Although these particular items are not lined with any sort of obviously warm layer, they seemed be as windproof and waterproof as they said on the label, and that sealed enough heat in to keep Ella toasty.

The trousers come with very handy straps under the feet to make sure they don’t ride up above a pair of wellies, letting in water from all those puddles that need splashing in! They also have dungaree straps to keep them in place and make sure they fit snugly no matter how many layers are worn under the coat.

Reflective spots and elastic underfoot

Reflective patterns on both items make the perfect addition for safety on a romp in the park during the day or a dog walk in the evening.

Andy: I’ve had a poke around at the KoziKidz garments and what struck me most is that they’re not just scaled-down adult clothing. They feature child-specific detailing like wide necks, easy-on cuffs and nice big zips. But the manufacturing quality is as good as good quality adult clothing. There are no corners cut here, and materials and finish are excellent.

The Oxford outfits feature removable hoods, elasticated cuffs and drawstring waists to keep the cold and wind out, and enough pockets for all those childhood essentials like stones, sticky sweets and snot.

Price wise, KoziKidz’s (how the heck do you apostrophe that correctly?) comes in at £19 for trousers and £36 for the jacket (prices found online). That compares very well indeed to competitors, especially considering the quality of manufacture.

Summary: Both the Coat and Trousers did exactly what they said in the tin. Waterproof, windproof and breathable, they kept our little reviewer both dry and warm. The zip pockets kept any treasures found on her adventures safe and the reflective spots were a useful safety feature. Although probably not enough for the colder days that were endured last
year, they perfect the perfect outer layer for dog walks and park expeditions in some of the cooler weather of the year.

Price: £19 (trousers) and £36 (Jacket)
From: CosyMole
More info: KoziKidz

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