Kozi Kidz – Stockholm Jacket

My first reaction upon receipt of this jacket was a rather reticent: ‘I’ve never seen anything quite so pink.’

Contrast this with my 2 and a half-year-old daughter’s reaction: “WOW I LOVE IT THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU can I wear it now?”

KoziKidz stockhom1

To create a functional, warm, practical coat, that’s also proven itself to be more than just splash-proof, (a face down and a backwards fall into extremely large muddy puddles on 2 separate occasions proved this test incontrovertibly), and to engender such an indisputably positive reaction is, seriously, no mean feat.

KoziKidz stockhom4

If I wore a hat I’d take it off to KoziKidz.

I struggle to get Isabella into sensible clothes at the moment. She has a will and she exerts it particularly vociferously when it comes to her clothing. Currently, if it’s not pink, it doesn’t get worn. Also, if it’s not quite right, (whatever that can mean in a toddler’s head, who knows), it doesn’t get worn…

The KoziKidz pink Stockholm padded jacket however is absolutely genuinely loved, and it gets around all my issues, i.e., as soon as we step outside, no matter if all that’s underneath is a tutu and a vest, Isabella willingly wears her KoziKidz coat over the top and is incredibly snug.

KoziKidz stockhom3

The jacket is relatively simple in terms of what it does. It’s not technical kit for a mountaineer after all. But it’s padded beautifully, yet not too bulky. This means my daughter is very warm inside, but she can climb, run and wriggle – and I can grab hold and keep a-hold even if she is trying to escape.

Funky features the jacket does have include elbow patches, hi-vis reflector spots on the back for safety, a really solid YKK zip complete with zip garage to prevent chin chafing, and decent sized zipped pockets for gloves/tissues/unidentifiable sticky things covered in fluff that might once have been edible.

KoziKidz stockhom2

The hood is detachable – my dad discovered this by surprise one day when he was taking Isabella for a walk. She was being Miss Independent and not holding hands, so he had her by the hood. Down she went tripping over her own feet, and off came the hood in my dad’s hands. Oooops. It’s a safety feature so they can’t get hung up and hurt themselves… So, note to reader: don’t use the hood on the KoziKidz pink Stockholm padded jacket to hold on to your child, they can and will escape!

The fur lining on the hood is a cute detail, and it too is detachable – although I’m not sure why… perhaps if your child has an aversion to looking like a lion?

KoziKidz stockhom5

To sum up, I think this jacket is exceptionally good value for money. It’s really well made too, which is refreshing when it comes to kids’ stuff. Too many manufacturers think that they don’t need to put much effort into children’s clothing because they will grow out of it at about the same time it falls apart.

Like most parents I disagree, when you’re forking out for decent clothing and footwear I want the item to last. After all, many parents hand things on to siblings or friends’ children. KoziKidz clearly agree with people like me – they make their clothing to last.

Finally, it’s functional, gorgeous, (particularly if you like pink – but don’t worry if you don’t it comes in other colours), warm, relatively waterproof (although it’s not marketed as waterproof, so it’s not a substitute for wet weather gear) and easily washable.

So the KoziKidz pink* Stockholm padded jacket gets 10 out of 10 from Isabella and me.