Kora – Yak Wool Shola Zip Baselayer

I guess if you had to look to nature for inspiration in finding the very best insulating materials, it makes perfect sense that you look for those creatures which live in the worst, in the harshest, the coldest environments in the world. And short of starting up the world’s first polar bear shaving factory, the Yak actually seems like a pretty dam good choice.


Kora, A new brand to the UK is bringing Yak wool to the mass market. They say it’s a better insulator (by 40%) than Merino wool. And since they’ve got enough balls to go out and actually shave a yak then who the heck are we to disagree.

They also say that it Wicks 17% better and is 66% more breathable than Merino. We’re hoping that justifies the price!

We’ll be putting the Shola Zip men’s base layer to test over the next few weeks.

UPDATE: the full review is here

Price: £105
More: www.kora.net