Kor – One, Hydration Bottle

I once bought an iMac because of the way it looked, when I could have spent less money on a more powerful PC which better filled my needs.

I have a tall glass jar full of spaghetti on my kitchen bench because it looks quite nice, rather than just keep my spaghetti in a cupboard.

What I’m getting at is that I love a bit of functionless design aesthetic in my life. And it’s with that approach that I’m reviewing the Kor One, a very pretty looking water bottle which has absolutely no benefits other than its looks.

Actually, I may be exaggerating there a bit; it does have a couple of neat features.
For one, it has a flip-top lid so there’s nothing to hold or lose when you open it to pour a drink.
And the spout is designed to be big enough to slot in a few ice-cubes, but not too big that you end up sloshing water all down your front.

But alas, that’s where I run out of features, so let’s get back to the similies…

The Kor is the trophy girlfriend of the water-bottle world. If it were human it would take hours to get ready to go out and never be seen without its make-up on. More the sort for picnics in the park than trail-runs.

It’s been to the gym though; it’s made of pretty tough stuff called Tritan (which feels like polycarbonate to me).
It’s got a capacity of 750ml, and has an in-built ‘handle’ for carrying – or in my case for trapping your knuckles – it’s not quite big enough.

Kor have used a silicone rubber gasket to seal the One, which works pretty well. And the same rubber has been applied to the base to stop the bottle slipping off smooth surfaces (I can’t see where this would be useful in the real outdoors but it grips nicely to the Kitchen bench).

Oh, and despite the fact that the link below is to a cycle-store, it doesn’t fit in my bike’s bottle carrier because it’s eliptical, not round.

Kor go very heavily into their love of the Earth, and each One is supplied with 4 interchangable Mantras to greet you as you open the bottle for a drink, including:
Better Me, Better World
and Laugh Often

SUMMARY: If you’re the type of person who likes to be seen drinking from the right brand, the pretty bottle or the statement then the Kor One represents the in-touch-with-nature, soulful drinking experience. For everyone else, it’s a pretty, tough plastic water bottle. I’m marking it up to a 4 because I like the flip-top lid, but because of the price it gets marked down again to a 3.

Price: £27
From: Wiggle
More Info: KOR
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  • Charles

    £27 for a bottle? It should be full of a rather nice white or a passable single malt for that money!

  • Anonymous

    A Bombay Sapphire with ice version would be nice!

  • easy now andy

    it looks like something nuclear isotopes should be stored in. i would rather spend my money on a sigg bottle.