Klean Kanteen – vacuum insulated flask

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At just 355ml/12oz this little old flask  doesn’t exactly throw it’s weight around, but those that know they are good at something don’t usually feel the need to be all gobby and in your face.

The labels attached to this upon delivery claimed that it keeps hot things hot for 6 hours and iced for a whopping 24 hours. So my first stop on the test trail was to put these claims to the test.

First up I filled it with coffee – for me, personally when out on a walk and I’ve reached my sit down point a cup of Joe hits the sweet spot, but all other flasks we own are a bit sizeable and ‘im indoors is more of a tea chap, so as a one cuppa this flask showed early promise on the size front.

As per instructions I made my brew and allowed it to cool to my preferred drinking temp before screwing on the lid, I then chucked it in my pack and forgot about it for nearly 5 hours.

I wasn’t presented with a waft of warm steam when unscrewing the cap so I’ll admit to being a bit concerned that I was about to take a gulp of cold coffee, so I was super chuffed to be presented with a sip of the perfect temperature. Strike one to the Klean Kanteen, nil to the doubting Thomas.

Next up, to keep things simple I simply filled the flask with ice cubes, screwed  on the lid, popped it outside (as per a camping scenario) and forgot about it for 24 hours. Unscrewing the lid, I was presented with several still intact cubes, some melting, but the water was still at an iced level, so would be perfect for a smoothie or an iced drink. The label claims ice-cream could be stored, but I think if you left that for a full 24 hours you would get some melting, but that said a) who do you know who could resist ice cream for a whole 24 hours and b) I feel that some melting is acceptable. So I’m also counting that as a strike for the Klean Kanteen.

Ice, Ice Baby...before & after 24 hours
Ice, Ice Baby…before & after 24 hours

Design wise, with it’s looped lid it resembles more a water bottle than flask, but that loop is useful for attaching to a pack, but also in unscrewing it, if you have cold or perhaps arthritic hands.

I don’t have particularly big mitts and I found the size was good, certainly fine for one handed use, and the flask tapers at the top, so you don’t run the risk of sending your liquid down your front – both of which is good if you want to walk and slurp. You can also buy a cafe cap, as an accessory to ‘mug your canteen’ which I am considering purchasing for use in the car.

klean kanteen

The design is also slim enough to fit in the mesh pockets on the side of my backpack and it also fits in the cup holder in the car.

The labelling informs me that it is constructed from 18/8 food-grade stainless , i’m not sure what those numbers mean, but I can tell you that the stainless means that it doesn’t taint, so you can switch you liquids from coffee, to soup or to ice cream without being reminded of its previous occupant.

Our test version is a muted grey, but a peruse on the web tells me that you have the option of 8 different colour ways, which should appeal to even the most style savvy amongst our readers.

All the labelling is very environmentally conscious, telling me eye widening facts like “Every year, Americans throw away enough paper & plastic cups, forks and spoons to circle the equator 300 times”  and that “In the USA people throw out 200 billion paper cups and 25 billion Styrofoam cups a year” Those are pretty boggling figures and Klean Kanteen seem to want to reverse the trend for single use cups, so are ‘pledging 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment’

So I certainly think you can allow yourself to feel a little smug if you opt to purchase one of these flasks, but if you think that’s all a bit tree huggy,  the product also come with a lifetime warranty and that is certainly compelling.

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  Price: £19.95