KitTags – Bag Identification Straps

KitTags (aka GearTags in the US) are new to the UK market and have come in via demand through military channels. If you think we have problems identifying our bags on an airport carousel, imagine what it must be like if all those bags are camouflage and the same design. Nightmare.

Kit Tags

So, some clever soul has created the ultratough and more adaptable version of that rainbow-coloured strap that you see going around Heathrow’s lonely luggage conveyor which can be attached to pretty much any bag.

The KitTag/GearTag comprises of a hard plastic moulding, in to which are permanantly fused a length of colourful seatbelt webbing and a tough loop of cord. I’ve done an unofficial pull test and it got painful long before the KitTag showed any sort of inclination to break.

The KitTags come in two sizes – a large one which is 27cm long, and a mini version which is thinner and only 17cm long.

The larger size can be bought in packs of 3 for £9, and you can have them embroidered with your initials for a further £11. They come in a range of colours and will probably last a lifetime. They could also embroider a key to what’s in each bag if you’re attaching them to stores of kit.

SUMMARY: KitTags are a more adaptable alternative than the old belt-around-the-suitcase method of identifying your bags at the airport. They’re really tough and there’s nothing on them to go wrong. Worth a look if you’re a traveller or have a bunch of similar bags.

3-hammers Price: £9 for 3
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