Keychain Kickstarter Kicks Butt!

Here at GWA HQ we receive rather a lot of emails regarding Kickstarter campaigns, unsurprisingly  they all claim to be funding for the most awesome gadget or widget ever created for the outdoors. As a rule we tend ignore them and as a rule they tend to disappear into the ether to never be seen again.

However as with all rules once in a while we break them, and thus is the case with the email we received from Charlie at UnSettle&Co. Why?

Well they’d already kicked their target..tripled it in fact. So clearly people out in the ether thought it was worth a look, so we took a peek too and here’s what it is…

The Unclip…allegedly the last keychain you’ll ever need. We’ll leave them to make that claim, but it features a rather sexily designed clip (who knew a clip could look sexy?!) that features two spring-loaded ‘quick-release’ wings so you can detach the strap and thus your keys from the clip and open your door or unlock your bike, and somewhat niftily the loop at the top is also a bottle opener.

unsettle unclip

Now a bottle opener is not particularly ground breaking in terms of gadgets, but as a person who has one of those metal ones shaped like an animal on their keyring I can attest that it does see a lot of use amongst friends.

The strap can be unscrewed and changed so you can channel your inner MacGyver and go for military-grade nylon webbing or perhaps cowhide leather is more your thing.

If you fancy snaffling one, then you can check out more information here