Keen – Depart WP CNX Women’s walking boots

Described by Keen as lightweight and low profile outdoor shoes, The Depart boot at £110 are styled with a curved heel and thin sole unit to help you feel more in touch with the ground as you walk.

The samples which have just arrived in a very dark teal green. With a light green accent colour this looks pretty good and different from most of the other things on the shelf.

They’re labelled as waterproof, and have a nice breathable tongue, coupled with a tough leather upper and Keen’s trademark toe-bumper styling.

I’m looking forward to seeing if the thinner soles are a winner or not, and the curved heel – it seems solid at first wear, and less ‘rolly’ than you’d imagine.

The construction seems really strong and well-built, with chunky stitching and well-glued sole. Having tested other Keen boots in the past, we’ve been impressed with their ruggedness.

We’ll be testing these new women’s boots on a long-term test and reporting back.

Price: £110
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