Keela – Youth Munro Jacket

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Keela – Youth Munro Jacket

Our 9 year old daughter Jasmine has been testing the Keela Youth Munro jacket for the past few months – this is the junior version of Keela’s flagship Munro jacket and it shows.

keela main

Jasmine’s test version is a little on the large size for her as she is quite small for her age (although she certainly makes up for it in other ways!)

Initially she wasn’t too keen on the jacket – for no particular reason other than her being a little choosy about the blue colour of her test version (Black & a vibrant red are also available) but since being told she didn’t have a choice she has actually come to appreciate how good the jacket is and she likes it a lot now. I think her initial dislike of it was due to it being too big but it really can’t be marked down because of that.

keela back

She says she never gets cold in it and it’s kept her dry at all times, even in pouring rain, without getting sweaty – the acclaimed Keela ‘System Dual Protection’ moisture wicking properties really do work. She particularly likes the reflective strips at the seams and also the wire in the hood which stops it flopping down on her face, especially when it’s windy. I have a coat with a large, floppy hood that’s always getting in the way so I can see why this would be a very useful feature to have!

The only complaint she has with the coat is the velcro adjusters are very big, and one of the wrists keeps coming undone and she gets very frustrated by this. I’m not sure if it’s a design issue or just a slightly duff piece of velcro.


Overall though Jasmine really likes the coat and even though it’s not particularly thick, this doesn’t seem to compromise its warmth. In fact, she sometimes says it’s TOO warm… mind you it’s early February as I write this and she’s still wearing shorts to school so perhaps that explains something! She likes the fact that it has plenty of pockets as it gives her plenty of places to keep things in. {Ed – I’ve had a Keela Munro adult jacket for some time, and it too is very warm when you’re active}

Overall this is a fantastic coat of very, very good quality but, as is often the way, that quality doesn’t come cheap and £110 is a very hefty price tag for a coat that your budding little hillwalker could grow out of in a couple of months. If the price tag isn’t an issue, however, then you won’t be disappointed with it as it’s an extremely impressive piece of kit.

As this is basically a small version of the adult Munro jacket, purely on the basis of how good it has been for Jasmine, I am that impressed that I would consider getting one of the adult versions myself.