KangaTek Personal Holder

“This would be great for Glastonbury. I was really, really tempted to take it. But what stopped me is that it wouldn’t fit my Tuna Lunch.”

Sometimes the wife and I live on slightly different planes of existences, and her input on these reviews is thus invaluable. You see, I was looking at the KangaTek thingummy in terms of what I could put in it – my iPod, phone, camera, picture of the wife in case the dog has a dump (see earlier review of Alite lead) and wallet – and she’s there fretting over the inability to portage her fishy dishy.

Marine meals aside, I must admit that the KangaTek Personal Holder (horrible name, makes it sound like a medical device) has been sitting in my gear pile, unloved and un-used, for a year now and it was only the wife’s recent festival gear-up that made me remember I had it. Bad me.

I wore the KangaTek Personal Holder (henceforth to be named something shorter – KaTe) for a hike this morning and it was pretty comfortable. It’s basically a two-layered neoprene sash with zippers to create a set of 4 pockets into which you can slip pretty much anything you would normally carry on your person (except, of course, for aquatic aperitifs). Because it’s Neoprene I’d imagine that it could get a little sweaty.

It comes in 1-size-fits-all, but is adjustable, and according to their website 4 colours.

What I like about the KaTe is that it serves my Festival paranoia well. Items are kept close to the body and secure, so you’re pretty sure that nobody’s stealing your gear from within.

What I don’t like about the KaTe is that it’s a bag. And I’m not a bag kind of guy. I like pockets, and I’ll stretch to a backpack, but the whole Man-Bag thing is just not me. That said, the wife says she’d happily wear it, so I can’t really mark it down for such a subjective reason.

SUMMARY: The KaTe is a neat idea for festivals and those days where pockets and a bag just don’t go with your outfit. The construction is excellent and it’s feature-rich. A range of colours (and reversible to black) make it more acceptable to my Man Sensibilities than many other Man-Bags, but I’m still not quite ready to wear it in public.

Price: $40
From: http://www.kangatek.com/

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  • McD

    So awesome to see a review on the KangaTek GO… I own one and absoltely love it… I take my GO everywhere!!!

  • Anonymous

    The Kanga go is great to put your iPhone in while hiking. I gave one to my uncle who is on crutches while rehabbing from a leg injury. He loves it since he can hold his phone, wallet, keys etc., without using any hands. Buying a pink Kangatek Go for my girlfriend for Valentine's day. She will love it especially when skiing or just waking her dog. Great product thought it would. Be twice as expensive.

  • Anonymous

    Great item. I can easily access my all of my stuff wherever I GO.