K-Swiss – Blade Max Stable Womens Running Shoes

As a fairly new runner and having only just purchased my first decent pair of running shoes I was excited to try the Blade Max Stable. K-Swiss, the manufacturer, say they are a “high mileage running shoe for the mild to moderate overpronator with a perfect blend of stability and cushioning”. I had been having difficulties with the toes on one foot going numb, so this was my chance to see if it was the trainers or my feet!

You’d see these in the dark. With your eyes closed!

On first glance the trainers were a bit too bright for my liking; piercing yellow and aquamarine are not my favourite colours! However, they were comfy from the start and I liked the styling on the shoe other than the colour. They would look as good with a pair of jeans as they would with my running kit and do come in some girls pink and black if that’s more your style.

Their first run was a 7-miler, mainly on roads with some gravel and grassy tracks. The Blade Max Stable supported my feet really well and although my toes did end up going numb it was after nearly 6 miles, rather than the usual 2! (I have since decided this is down to my feet and not the shoes)

I found the Blade Max Stable had excellent grip both on- and off-road on some easy going trails, even in the wet. I didn’t try them in serious mud.

I have worn them on quite a few 3-4 mile runs on local roads and I have found them a really comfortable shoe, more so in fact than my usual Brooks trainers. The look has grown on me since they arrived and I would wear them out and about as well as for running – although that’s obviously not their intended use.

One note: K-Swiss market the Blade Max Stable as suitable for mild to moderate overpronators, so as with all running shoes it is worth having your gait analysed at a proper running shop before purchasing – even if you do end up purchasing them online.

Summary: A great pair of road-running shoes for anyone doing a reasonable mileage but who also wants them to look fairly trendy. Good, all-over cushioning and striking looks. Firm heel-cup with good lacing and a very flexible upper make for a comfortable fit. Pricey, but built to last a little longer than a very soft trail runner.

  • Elaine

    I am probably one of the oldest K-Swiss Blade Max Stable purchasers, at the age of 53, i still run approximately 6-7 k per day. Due to intermittent Achilles Bursitis problems, I have been advised to ensure I wear a stability running shoe which will support the ankle area. My first run with the Blade was fantastic, the lightness of the shoe and the support made running a dream. I don’t expect it to work miracles and cure my heel problem, but it has gone a long way to make my run more stable, I would highly recommend it .