Joby – GorillaMobile for iPhone 4/4S

The War of the Worlds?

I’ve had an iPhone 3G for the last couple of years and suffered with its woeful camera, resigned never to take a decent photo. But recently I upgraded to an iPhone 4S and a whole new world of candid snapshots has opened up in front of me which are focussed, lit and in some you can even tell what I was trying to capture.

I’ve been taking the iPhone out with me on hikes and using it to capture some of the more ‘snapshot’ types of picture used on GearWeAre, but I found it very hard indeed to take photos of any gear that I’ve been wearing until I remembered that Joby sent me the GorillaMobile earlier in the year.

Joby’s wildly successful Gorillapod has been a companion for me outdoors for a long time. It provides a mini tripod which can be stood on the ground, or wrapped to a fence, tree or boulder and allow any steady or self-shot you can imagine. The GorillaMobile is the same bendy tripod, but with a form-fitting surround for your iPhone 4 to which it clips in any orientation.

Since the iPhone lacks a self-timer on its camera, I also downloaded Joby’s free Gorillacam App (click for link), which is packed full of features (including an adjustable self-timer) to turn you into David Bailey. It’s a seriously handy little app. It has a grid, to help you align shots as well as a level-bubble for keeping things from slanting, a 3-shot burst feature for action and lots of other helpful features.

GorillaCam options

The GorillaMobile itself was designed (and released) when the iPhone 4 was the new boy in town. It’s a custom fit for that handset, and it suffers a little bit from the very slight differences in the iPhone 4S. The volume and mute buttons are in a different location (ever so slightly further down the handset) and whilst they can still be used, it isn’t perfect. I also found that the case was pressing the on/off button regularly on my 4S which was a bit of a pain and meant that I didn’t keep the GorillaMobile case in place except for when I was taking photos.

That's art, that is!

Like all Joby Gorillapod products, you also get a standard tripod adaptor thrown in with the GorillaMobile, so you can use the flexible tripod with a normal compact camera. This is a nice touch.

SUMMARY (GorillaMobile): This is a great piece of kit which allows the decent camera of the iPhone 4 & 4S to be used more like a proper compact camera. A slight problem with the button location on the 4S means it’s not easy to operate the on-off and mute button, so you can’t use it as an ‘always on the phone’ case for the 4S, which is a shame. It’s OK on the 4 though.

 Price: £35
More: Joby

SUMMARY (GorillaCam App): If you want your iPhone 3/4/4S to behave more like a compact camera, with timer, grid, level-bubble, burst shot and other very cool features then this free app is a must.

 Price: Free
More: Gorillacam App