iPhone App review – Knot Time Lite

A few weeks ago I found myself in a harness hanging over the edge of a waterfall as part of a photo shoot. My harness was tethered to a very large, very secure rock by a short length of rope and a couple of really secure knots.

Screenshot of the app

I remember reflecting upon how useful the ability to tie a good knot can be, and promising myself I’d learn a few more.

So, as part of a project to review the best Free iPhone apps for GearWeAre, I found the rather excellent Knot Time Lite.

What I like about Knot Time Lite (aside from the fact that it’s free) is that it doesn’t rely on you having an internet/cellphone connection in order to watch short, simple videos on how to tie a range of 9 knots, including Bowline, Truckers Hitch and Square Knot.

Whilst I don’t think Knot Time Lite will be used very often, it’s one of those handy apps that you may need if you ever need to pitch a hammock, tie a broken shoelace or rig up a tarpaulin.

SUMMARY: It’s a free iPhone app which shows short informative videos on how to tie 8 useful (and one not so useful, but amusingly named Monkey Fist) knots. You don’t need a connection to use it. It’s free… what more do you want!

Price: Free
From: Apple App Store