Ilumi – Nut, Gluten & Milk free packaged meals

Wheat, gluten, nut, yeast and milk-free delicious ‘camping’ food sourced in Britain and very reasonably priced. I beg your pardon???!?!?

ilumi flip flop


For those of us who are fussy about our food, or are gluten sensitive, coeliac, lactose intolerant, vegan, veggie, or something else, and for the rest of us who have been disappointed by the lack of decent food to take outdoors… from a kitchen somewhere in Co Durham comes these little babies from Ilumi.

Let me start with how I discovered Ilumi and the reason I am raving. Somehow I got a voucher for £10 off my first order plus free delivery. So an order of £25 was £15 and I thought ‘that’s a good offer’ and started investigating and ultimately ordering a selection of pouches.

They are thoughtfully produced from all angles – made by the company (not shipped in and labelled), suitable for all kinds of different eaters, and easy to order online. I received next day delivery, with more vouchers (win!) and a shiny brochure. Happy happy me. Excellent customer experience.

OK – so these are not made specifically for camping, but they work brilliantly as an alternative to a lot of other pre-packed food for people with intolerances. The easy to open pouches can be boiled in water or poured into a saucepan. There’s curry, middle eastern, pub food, sauces, rice – something to whet every appetite and portion size is good. A rice and a curry mixed in together actually does two of us, but if you’ve been active you’ll probably want a full curry to yourself.

At £3.75 for a chicken based dish , £2.75 for veggie and £1 for rice I say “move over dairylee dunkers, pot noodles and going hungry ‘cos I can’t eat normal food”.

On to taste – Now this is difficult to get across because we are all different, but in a world with allergies and conditions and preferences, in the middle of a field, or on a caravan site, you tend to get what you’re given, or go hungry. So before him indoors went away for a week in a tent, we tested a few just to make sure he could and would actually eat them.

shiny tagine

The Moroccan Tagine (pictured above) was nice and spicy, and the Chicken Laksa got thumbs up too, although I would recommend if you are putting the latter in a saucepan to warm it through to also add a splash of water so it moves around a bit better.

I am now so attached to these little pouches that other packaged food has been off the menu and ditched from my cupboards – and these pouches now have a permanent corner in my kitchen cupboard as emergency food for the husband and I when we’re in a rush and/or are being too lazy to cook.

Recommend, absolutely. I definitely had a wow experience, and now feeding fussy eaters outdoors is straightforward.

5-hammers Price: £1-£3.75 (offer referred to in the review is still current at time of publishing)

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