Icon – Link flashlight

Carabiners, aluminium and unnecessary levels of oranginess. Three things that I think sum up all that is sexy in the world of outdoor equipment, and the Link, from US based flashlight manufacturer Icon, employs all three to great effect.

Sexier than a cold beer nuzzled betwixt the bosom of a buxom serving wench

Hewn from a block of Aluminium by large, noisy machines that fire off red-hot bits of swarf as they cut beauty from the billet, and finished with a degree of precision that says “I could cut you, if I wanted. But I won’t”. The Link is a palm-of-your-hand light which takes a single AA battery and surrounds it in armour like some sort of weapon.

Hey rubber butt!

From this single battery it draws power to shine an incredibly focussed and intense 50 Lumen beam which can light up the eyes of a prowling dog 100 yards away and scare the bejesus out of you. It’s by far the brightest focussed beam we’ve tested so far in our Brightness Guide.

It also has a low-light mode which kicks out a still very usable 6 Lumen for 70 hours instead of 3.

Built in to the body of the Link is a spring-steel carabiner clip, which is really positive in action and very secure. It is perfect for clipping on to webbing on a backpack, or even a belt-loop – and it’s going nowhere once it’s on.

The chunky rubber button on the end of the Link is a delight to use. A very firm click on and off is no nonsense. And if you need to operate like a ninja, a press will bring the light on before the click. This works excellently for signalling.

The Link’s party piece is its waterproofing. I’ve had mine sitting in a bowl of water, totally immersed, for 24 hours and it didn’t affect it at all. Also, being anodised Aluminium it won’t have problems around sea water.

I’m going to keep the Link as an emergency torch, attached to my backpack during search & rescue training. I know that it’ll always be there, when I need it, whatever the weather and easy to find.

In addition, I think this would be a superb torch for anyone going travelling, especially since you can buy AA batteries anywhere in the world.

SUMMARY: The Icon Link is a very tough, practical torch which can be clipped anywhere and forgotten about until you need it. Incredibly bright and focussed beam from a single AA battery means that you can pick out details which other small lights could leave you missing. A brilliant little companion.

 Price: £19
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  • Joe

    Hmmm. Very nice torch. Very nice indeed. But from a technical point of view, I have to say that you can’t get red-hot aluminium swarf.. It stays silver coloured, up to and even after it’s completely melted.