ICETrekkers – Diamond Grips

I still remember the look on my girlfriend’s face when I told her in February last year that I had just received a set of diamonds in the post. I remember even more clearly the look of disappointment when I pointed towards the metal spikes on my feet and she realised it wasn’t earrings. And then the look of anger when she realised I had left marks on the tiles by the front door…

I remembered this again recently after I got another telling off for destroying a kitchen tray. It seems that one of its acceptable uses is definitely not filling it up with water and then putting it in the freezer to make an indoor ice grip testing facility. How was I to know?!

Diamonds are forev... for ice.

The weather got colder and we got some snow last night so I decided to finish the review under real conditions. Reading Andy’s other reviews on ice spikes (Pogu Spikes and Ice Grips) the ICEtrekkers seem to be similar in design with a thick silicone rubber band like the “Pogu” but without the S&M/crampon looking undercarriage!
Unlike them, however, you don’t get a carry bag.

The Icetrekker Diamond Grips are designed for ice and snow as well as providing extra grip on other slippery surfaces like mud and gravel. I wasn’t sure about this so proceeded to try this in a gravelly car park (can you describe something as gravelly?) and am happy to report extra grip was noted. First gold star.

Who'd know you were wearing them?

The sole is made from hardened steel alloy and arranged in an array of spiked beads. They are firmly held onto the rubber with some nice looking heavy duty rivets. They self clear which really helps in the snow so that it doesn’t compact and have to spend every 5 minutes un-scraping them to keep your grip.

The snow and dog test

When the snow hit I decided to put the Diamond Grips to an extreme test and ventured out onto the quiet road outside my house at night with my dog and a tennis ball. I wore my flattest soled shoes (Converse) with the Diamond Grips slipped over the top. Holding the dog by the lead in one hand I tossed the tennis ball with the other. Being a ball obsessed Collie he pounced after it for all of two metres before the slack in his bungee lead went and the momentum reached my arm, pulling me forward and off-balance. The Diamond Grips dug in, and it took just one step forward to regain grip. The ICETrekkers went through the snow and dug in nicely to the tarmac below, earning them another gold star.

SUMMARY: The ICEtrekkers are a great design and seem well-made. They performed well on gravel, ice and snow. Obviously not designed to go climbing snow-tipped mountains but for lowland use they are top notch.

 Price: £39.95 RRP
 More: icetrekkers

No animals were harmed in the making of this review. The tennis ball suffered severely though

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