Hyperflite – Jawz Flying Disc for Dogs

The aliens’ death sparked an intergalactic war

1 pair of Converse All-Stars, 1 pair of Birki’s sandals, 1 pair of rather expensive leather strappy sandals, 4 chew toys, 2 beef knuckles, a box set of DVDs and a whole partridge were amongst the victims of a week’s worth of Labrador Retreiver sitting last month.

So it was with no small measure of amazement that I sat examining the Hyperflite Jaws Flying Disc (I’d say Frisbee, but that’s a trademark) and found not a single puncture mark after it had been subjected to a week’s worth of ‘fetch’ and chewing.

I don’t know what it’s made out of, but it seems to be some exotic mix of anti-canine plastic which defies the will of some fairly enthusiastic chompers and yet feels pretty run-of-the-mill.

I’ve had the Hyperflite Jawz disc now for about a year and it still flies straight even though I throw like a drunken girl, and despite that fact that my dog delights in dropping it in the stream (it doesn’t float) it otherwise provides us with hours of fun.

I misplaced the Jawz for a couple of weeks and happened upon another Frisbee when out walking one day. It lasted all of 20 minutes of ‘fetch’ before succumbing to the doggy onslaught.

It doesn’t fly as far as something like an aerobie, or even a tennis ball in one of those launchers you can buy, but with some bright colours and shiny graphics it’s easy to find when the canine location system goes awry and, or it’s sitting at the bottom of a stream.

SUMMARY: A dog-proof fetch toy which is easy to find and easy to throw, doesn’t get soggy with drool or end up broken after a good chewing. Highly recommended for the fetcher in your life.

Price: £8.75  / $14
From: UK / US
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