Hunter – Welly Socks (Fleece)

The name Hunter traditionally conjures up images of posh people going out shooting or wandering around a country show in tweeds. Logging on to the Hunter website, with its two Royal warrants prominently displayed, does little to dispel this vision of wellies for the jet set.

Who’d know they were 20yr old Dunlops?

In recent years, helped by images of the likes of Kate Moss wadding through the mud at Glasto in hers, they have become more of a style item – every fashionista seems to have one style or other tucked in their wardrobe. However, with prices for wellies kicking-off in the region of £80 they are on the pricey side, so my £15.99 fleece welly socks is a good toe into the brand.

The Hunter site says that the socks are designed to fit perfectly with their own brand of wellies. I’ve found that they are working just fine with my 20 year old Dunlop wellies. The only difference is in the length – where worn with Hunters they fold over the top of the boot – my Dunlops are shorter so the sock just folds on itself above the top of the welly.

When I first saw these advertised I though they slotted into the boot and you just popped your foot in and out. Well that is not the case – you need to put them on each time as you would a normal sock before then popping your boot on over the top. As you would imagine the result is a more snuggly fitting boot, so if yours are already on the small size then these probably won’t work for you.

Once you get past the initial faff on having to put them on they are a godsend, especially on early morning dog walks. I imagine that, teamed with a decent pair of second socks, they’ll be nice and insulating on nights such as Bonfire night where you tend to stand in one space for a long time on cold ground.

I’ve worn them on their own and teamed with a thin pair of ankle socks and I’ve not experienced any discomfort or rubbing and they didn’t slouch down and work their way under my foot. However, due to the fact that they are made of fluffy microfleece I did get rather hot feet on a longer walk (1.5 hours).

SUMMARY: Good looking, extremely warm fleece socks which brighten up any old pair of wellies so you can slot in with the jet set. Comfortable to wear, and whilst expensive, not massively more so than many premium sock brands. But… You aren’t paying for a particularly technical construction though, so marked down a tad for ‘brand’ pricing.

  • John

    I haven’t tried them yet. But I have an identical pair of those Dunlop wellingtons (vintage, can’t find them anymore :'() so am looking forward to trying