Horizon – Primaloft Socks

Horizon have been making technical socks since 1999, but you’ll be forgiven for not having heard the name Horizon. However it’s highly likely that you’ll own a pair of them without knowing it, because they make socks for a large range other big name brands and outlets.

horizon primaloft socks

However they do also release under their own name, and it is their collaboration with Primaloft that caught our eye.  In basic terms Primaloft make impressive insulation and a lot of outdoorsy folk will be familiar with their down insulation, but they also make a performance yarn and it is this that has been utilised in these Horizon socks.

The yarn is a Merino blend, meaning that alongside the warmth, you’ll get the softness and wicking tendencies associated with Merino as well as the fast drying properties. Horizon have worked with Primaloft to ensure the yarn used is also strong and durable.

The socks will be available in 4 different styles:

  • Extreme – This is a longer knee length sock designed for mountain use, features include a flat recessed toe seam, elasticated grip sections for added support and a ventilation and a ventilation channel for added breathability.
  • Expedition – A heavy weight, calf length sock that has cushioning so is good for walkers, features also include elasticated sections for increased fit and support and a ventilation channel for increased breathability
  • Explore – A mid weight calf length sock, with less padding than the Expedition so good for every day use, but doesn’t scrimp on the added features above.
  • Expert – This is a longer knee length sock, with padding on the shin for extra protection so great for winter sports such as skiing.

All the socks feature Cordura in the heel and toes for extra durability and Isofil in the soles to ensure they wick and dry fast and all will be available in a variety of different colours.

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