Hope Pro2 Evo – Front and Rear Hubs

Hope Pro2 Evo Front and Rear Hubs
Hubba hubba

Engineers of tasty cycle products Hope have recently upgraded their highly successful Pro2 Hub now known as Pro2 Evo.

These can be bought as part of Hope Hoops wheelset, custom built or individually. Being a bit of a tart, I opted for a custom wheel build using these hubs so I could get exactly the weight and colour scheme I wanted.

Hope Pro2 Evo are beautifully designed products built to last, manufactured by Hope in the UK .  Both front and rear hubs use cartridge bearings that can easily be replaced when worn. With the more traditional type of loose bearing hubs, if the bearing race is damaged then the whole hub must be replaced. The rear hub also comes with a replaceable freehub (the bit that lets you coast while standing on the pedals) which means if any goes wrong with the engagement mechanism or the freehub body it can be repaired.

Sealed bearing and plug-in axle adaptor
Bearing up well

Be aware that you’ll need to use a quality cassette with the rear as the lightweight alloy freehub body is prone to being chewed by the cassette chain rings. Hope recommend cassettes Sram XO, Shimano XT or something with an alloy carrier to avoid this problem.  Some people complain about the loud clicking from the freehub. Personally, I love a loud click and the ramblers can hear you coming!  These hubs will let you use most common types of axle size using adapters you can easily change yourself depending on what you need. The benefit of this is that if you have a change of frame or forks you have a better chance of the hub being usable with your new kit. There’s a range of colours available in case you want to match them any existing components.

What’s new then? The cartridge bearings are now stainless steel (don’t know what they were before but Hope say they’ll last longer).  The Evo version now has a wider axle space that means that it can be converted to most common types of axle size up to 17mm where it was 15mm on the previous version.

SUMMARY: Brilliant British made components. Fairly pricey, but built to last. I’m now the proud owner of two pairs and I wouldn’t want to swap them for anything else. A reasonably light weight: Front 185g (QR) Rear 285g (QR) and convert to different axle sizes easily.  Good for most varieties of Mountain Biking. Cassette chewing on the freehub body is the only downside to these, but use a high spec cassette and you’ll be alright.