Hoka One One – Womens Tor Ultra Hi WP

As soon as I saw these Hoka Tor Ultra Hi WP boots, I fell in love with their modern stylish colours and appearance. Considering I am a big fan of the Hoka brand after using their running shoes for my marathon training, I was like a little girl in a toy shop, full of excitement, when asked to review these boots and couldn’t wait to go out and “play” with them.

Hoka one one

The first thing you notice, when you try them on, is that they are instantly comfortable. With their ground breaking blend of running shoe cushioning, their meta rocker geometry and reinforced toe bumper, synthetic overlays and nylon mesh and leather ankle support, these boots are so comfortable I was reluctant to take them off! You feel you can walk miles in them, which is just as well as that is exactly what I did.

The first outing for this lucky pair of Hokas, was not my normal stomping ground of the Lake District but the Alps. The dry alpine tracks were a breeze for these boots, with their Vibram Mega grip sole, and large “cushioned” lugs and good ankle support, they felt light on my feet, despite their “moon boot” appearance. They were ideal on rainy days too, the waterproof eVent liner keeping my feet dry and comfortable.

hoka one one

Crazily, on a long walk with the kids, I ended up running back for the car (long story!). It was here they showed their running shoe pedigree. After nearly four hours of running, a 1000m of ascent and 2000m of descent back in to Chamonix, the only thing I needed was a good drink and ice cream! The boots provided a supportive and responsive ride, my feet were kept cool, my toes were never squashed, no blisters and no achy legs!

My only doubt with this boot is their grip on wet rock. We played a “no hands” game on a slabby, damp rock. Everyone, including my three young children, managed to walk up hands free, where as I was left grappling for holds and slipping back down the slab as the high outsole lugs and flexible sole provided me with a poor purchase on the steep rock. This was much to the amusement of my kids, who rewarded me with L shaped hand signals. “Loser”, I was!

This is in my opinion, is the boots’ only downfall. I was not filled with confidence on more technical ground and for this reason I would suggest that they are essentially a weatherproof running shoe with superb ankle support, fit for trails and tracks rather than a true “Mountain Boot” – I won’t be taking them with me on my next Lakeland scramble.

hoka one one

They are in conclusion a stylish, comfortable boot which are superb for long days walking and trekking on non technical mountain trails. Their cushioning makes your feet comfortable and legs ache free.   There is little to compare them too on the market, as they are funky, cool looking and eye catching. They are definitely a boot which will put “a spring into your step”!

5-hammersPrice: £160 (RRP)
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