Heat Holders – 2.3Tog Socks

No Chinchillas were harmed!

Take one Chinchilla, turn it inside-out and slip your foot into it; that’s pretty much what putting these obscenely fluffy socks on is like (bar the blood, guts and frothing vegetarians).

Around twice as thick as your average trekking sock, the Heat Holders are made of acrylic which is fluffed up into a really spongey wool-like texture. This traps a lot of air in it and insulates your feet from the cold.
According to the packaging, they have a Tog Rating (the system they use for duvets) of 2.3, which to give it some context is the same difference again to a normal thermal sock as comparing a thermal sock to a normal sock. These things are hot.
If you suffer from cold feet, these might be very useful.
However, if you are normal, or intend on doing anything other than sitting on the sofa watching re-runs of James Bond films with a mug of cocoa, then you’d be better off buying something that was designed for walking in.
I’ve had these socks on for the last few hours, mooching around the house and they were OK – very warm and a little sweaty, but loose enough to be comfortable. The problems came when I tried to squeeze into a pair of shoes and walk the dog. Squeeze being a good word; they make normally fitting shoes pretty tight, such is their thickness.
After a couple of miles walking, my feet were on fire and the socks, which lack any elastic to keep them up round your calves, end up scrunched round your toes and bunched round your ankles.
These are not, it seems, designed for walking.
SUMMARY: If you suffer from cold feet, and you’re after some socks for an inactive lifestyle, these’d be good. For any sort of activity, get some proper socks instead and enjoy a better fit and less bunching around the toe/ankle/heel. Mind you… it doesn’t say that it’s a trekking sock on the packaging so I can’t completely slate them!


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