Happy Camper – Happy Taste

The ‘Happy Taste’ offering from Happy Camper is a camping condiment container/dispenser that is made up of two squeeze bottles for sauces, and a salt and pepper shaker* that all clip together for storage and transportation.

These containers are fairly large, the whole setup is a little wider than two cans of Red Bull when all clipped together, which means they’re actually quite bulky – fine for chucking in the car, but if space is at a premium these are probably not the right choice for you.

taste-2I am forever being told off for how much salt I put on my food, so taking condiments with me when we go camping is fairly high on my agenda. Always happy to try another solution, I was initially surprised that the salt and pepper shakers aren’t designed to separate, but I did find it quite easy to pop open each side separately, making them easy enough to fill. You’ll have to wait your turn if somebody wants salt while you’re busy with the pepper though.

A nice touch is the turning lid, much like those you find on tubs of table salt, allowing you to choose whether to use a small or large dispensing hole – handy if you prefer course ground pepper for example. It’s also possible to tell which side is which, as one side has a single hole, the other a triple hole.

The squeeze bottles I was less impressed with. Easy enough to fill, they lack any kind of independent closure mechanism, meaning that the only way to seal them is to clip them back into the base of the salt shakers, something that is also a minor faff, and led in my case to getting sauce around the underside of the shaker section, an area that also turns out to be fairly fiddly to clean.

taste-1This means that leaving them in their separate states when you’re set up at your destination isn’t a good idea, unless you’re happy to wake up to find that the vinegar fell over in the night and now your socks are nicely pickled.

Overall, I liked the idea of this solution more than the execution. The lack of closure mechanism on the bottles mean this isn’t a set that will find itself in my ‘grab and go’ camping gear.

*Other dry condiments are available…

2-hammers Price: £7.73

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