Growers Cup – The Coffee Brewer

The Coffee Brewer from Growers Cup was an unusual proposition to start with. It looked like an odd shaped brown bag, about the size of a paperback book only thinner and I wasn’t quite sure what it was all about. The 3 step instructions on the back showed that was a self contained coffee percolator, you open the zip-lock top, pull out a red tab (this took a bit of tugging, but nothing exploded when it was removed), shape the packet so that it stands up on its own, pour in hot water at the top, reseal the zipper and let it brew for between 5 and 8 minutes depending on what strength you want from the Ethiopian coffee contained within. Then, when you are ready you shape the spout (presumably the red tab broke some sort of seal within) and pour your coffee into a cup.


Well it looked good, smelled good and tasted fine, and surprisingly there was no grains in the bottom of my cup when I finished – which implies there is a built in filter mechanism in the bag.
But for all that I am not sure it is worth all that faffing about. And now I am left with a bag of soggy coffee grains that I have to throw away somewhere, which seems counter to the image the product is trying to deliver with its distinctive ‘brown paper’ look and the fair-trade label. I am not sure it is ‘green’ as its design would like you to think it is.
If you are out and about far from civilisation, without access to one of those ubiquitous chain outlet coffee houses, and have an urge for freshly brewed coffee but you don’t want to use those coffee-bags, or don’t have room to carry a cafetiere or a stovetop espresso pot (and note, that if you want more than one serving of coffee you will need several of these bags reducing potential space saving over a pot), or you just can’t stomach instant coffee, and you really like gimmicky gadgets, then perhaps this is for you.

 Price: £2.50
  • stu

    I tried this when I was in the US and like you I was pretty much underwhelmed by the whole thing, Ill just stick to my jetboil and coffee press

  • Ralph

    I run the UK company that distributes Growers Cup and it was through our PR company that GWA received samples to test. I’ve been invited by GWA to post a response and declare who I am.

    When I checked out this review I was disappointed at some of the things written but that’s what you want and expect from an objective perspective. OK, it received only 2 hammers (not so good) but, hey ho, all 15 of us at Rosker Ltd loved the taste and loved the idea of it right from the get-go; and now we’ve got a growing number of very-hard-to-impress retailers around the UK who are, well, “impressed” and like it a lot and sell it well enough. Reviews on food and drink are always going to be incredibly subjective but this review gave Growers Cup a pretty hard ride for things like leaving the reviewer with a “bag of soggy coffee grains”. What exactly, one wonders, did they expect to have left afterwards 🙂

    I guess how much you like Growers Cup will depend enormously on where you’re coming from with your attitude towards coffee. If all you want is a hot drink then stick to instant granules. If, however, you want something to really look forward to after a day’s trekking then this is where GC scores, in my opinion. But don’t take my word for it. I sell the stuff so am not going to come across as anything other than a biased person. Check out a US blogger, Brian Green, and see what he’s said. A forum poster on Brian’s site made a few critical comments about GC’s green credentials, similar to those made by GWA. Ulrik, the Danish guy whose idea it was that created GC, posted a pretty detailed reply that sets out some interesting facts and perspectives, so I think that’s worth a look.

    Talking of the US, I was pretty surprised at Stu’s comment that he’d tried it when he was over there. It’s not sold in the US yet!!! Brian Green was given a few bags of it to send out to fellow bloggers and that’s all the exposure it’s had so far.

    We invite any of you who might be up in Scotland this coming weekend to try it and reach your own conclusion. My colleague, Ross, will be on hand at Escape Route’s shop in Pitlochry to present GC to the riders of the Etape Caledonian and making up lots and lots of brews for tasting sessions.


    • Lisa

      What I wouldn’t give to come to Scotland and try some of the coffee there!! But seriosly, I recently purchased this cleverly packaged coffee for my backpacking trips that require us to pack in all we will need for the trip including our water. Therefore lightweight and small, well-contained items are a must! This coffee system worked beautifully for me and the waste was not such a big issue. I really enjoy the challenge of eating good and drinking good on my backpacking trips…I don’t mind being called a foodie or a coffee snob while camping…I find it a lot of fun! Thanks for the conscientious product! I’ll be happily using it again in the near future!

  • Peter Trapp

    Bought a Honduras “Brewed in the Bag” in Denmark last week to try it out on the trail. I normally use Nescafe singles French Roast to drink while hiking but hope that this will be sold in the States soon as I like the light weight, convenience and disposability. Hope the taste measures up!!