Grip Pro Trainer – Hand strengthener

I love spending time at my local climbing wall, which I confess is something I don’t do nearly enough of to increase my hand and arm strength above beyond anything that wouldn’t embarrass me in an arm wrestle against a small child. Seriously, I have weak little Tyrannosaurus Rex arms which does me no good when I’m hanging off the wall and the burn has set in.

So I’ve been playing with the Grip Pro Trainer for the last month as sort of a halfway between a stress toy and a conscious effort to build the strength in my hands. In fact, I’m throttling the life out of it as I dictate this review into my phone. Whereas normally I would have been typing and using my mouse with my arms being somewhat unchallenged, the Grip Pro Trainer has made me think about how I can use my time doing mundane and passive activities more productively and ultimately healthily.


The 30lb resistance is quite a lot to get used to if you are a fellow sufferer of Tyrannosaurus Rex arms, but after a few sore mornings with aching forearms I’ve noticed a difference in my ability to crush and twist the trainer. That’s pretty impressive seeing as I have been sat at a desk for most of the time that I have been using it!

And that’s for me is the beauty of this little Trainer: you don’t need to go to the gym or the wall to get some benefit from it, and that benefit could well pay off for anything from riding a bike through to tennis or even just carrying the weekly shopping. The only issue I have is trying to keep the dog away from it because it looks feels and smells exactly like a rubber to toy and he is convinced that it is his.

Price: $7.95 US

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