Grilliput – Portable grill / barbeque

Despite the fact that it’s been snowing recently, my mind is turning towards Summer and camping, and all the gear that I can break out to use once again. In particular I’m excited by all things relating to fire and sausages, and the Grilliput is amongst the most exciting.


Grilliput is a grill which is constructed from sections of metal rod, and which breaks down in to a single bar for carrying around.

Manufactured from stainless steel, there’s an air of the industrial about the Grilliput in it’s portable form. It feels solid and weighty and unweilding – like you could use it as a tent-peg mallett rather than something to cook your dinner on.

But unscrew the end cap and reveal the much more dainty, precise components which go to creating a sturdy 2-4 person grill and you’re overcome by a feeling that the industrial feel is actually one of precise engineering by craftsmen, rather than one of grease-stained bearded labourers.


It weighs 560g, which is pretty solid and would exclude this from the wish-list of any weight-conscious backpacker, but that’s not who it’s aimed at.

Grilliput is much more of a practical backpacker solution. If there’s a pair of you touring, or even if you’re off for a day at the beach, the Grilliput is small and light enough (certainly when compared to a gas stove) to be viable.

Packing down in to the single screw-top rod, the Grilliput is about the same length as a bottle of wine, and looks somewhat like a musical instrument. The manufacturers have fitted a sturdy carrying loop to one end of the outer tube so it can be carabinered to a pack.grilliput2

Assembly takes about a minute, and once you have the knack of it it’s very straight forward. It’s strong enough to bear the load of more sausages than you can eat, and the thin legs allow it to sit over the heat source of your choice. The collapsible coal-bowl shown in the top picture is available as an accessory, which is also pretty neat.

The disassembly of the Grilliput after use is simple, and heat seems to dissipate fast from the stainless steel rods. The whole thing is dishwasher safe, and if there are manky bits of meat stuck to any of the rods, then they’re easy to scrape off using a handy U-shaped slot at the end of one of the main struts of the grill – a very neat touch.

The Grilliput has the advantage over those throw-away barbeques in that it will last forever, and it’s a great talking point too. At £30 it’s a bit of a bargain for those of you who love to barbeque, and it would fit in to any situation from festivals to glamping.

SUMMARY: A unique stainless-steel grill which fits in to a single bar for carrying. Precision made, pretty much indestructible, hygienic and fairly cheap it’s a brilliant idea in a well-finished package. Just add  your heat-source of choice.

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 Price: £30