Greg Boswell Signs up as Leki Ambassador

Pole specialist Leki has signed up Fife-based Greg Boswell, one of Scotland’s most promising climbers, as an ambassador for the brand. Since he first started climbing at the age of thirteen Greg has consistently pushed the boundaries and scaled the heights and by the age of 17 he had become the youngest person to climb the Scottish Fast and Furious (D10+) and went on to be the youngest to climb the Lipton (W17) and Mission (M10) in Rjukan.

greg boswell


Back in December Greg hit the headlines after narrowly surviving an attack from a grizzly bear whilst on a climbing exped in Canada. Thanks to the bravery of his climbing companion Nick Bullock, who was armed with just a ski pole, he escaped with minor injuries.

Greg trains hard and spends a lot of time climbing in Scotland, which he sees as the perfect training ground for climbing trips around the world. His poles of choice are the Leki Tour Stick Vario Carbon and the Tour Carbon III – both ideal lightweight climbing companions for winter tours.



Greg comments on becoming a Leki ambassador: “I chose to work with Leki as they have always been at the forefront of the walking and ski pole technology ladder. It’s a pretty essential piece of kit in the mountains and what better company to have supporting you than the ones who are always pushing the boundaries of new innovation and weight-to-strength ratios. I went with two pole types in particular; the Tour Carbon III for big mountain days and winter outings and the Tour Stick Vario Carbon for other lightweight pole needs, e.g. trail running.

I’ve been going through rehab from the incident and injury to my leg in Canada, so the Leki poles are perfect for getting me back into the mountains and helping to make the most of the day, whilst working on getting my leg back to full strength. I’m looking forward to using the Vario Carbons on the Scottish hill runs again soon once my leg is a little stronger.”

“We’re delighted to have Greg on board as a brand ambassador for Leki. He truly is one of the most talented climbers of his generation,” commented Lilian Sullivan, Ardblair Sports Importers Ltd, UK distributors of Leki.

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