GreenStake biodegradable “tent pegs”

Apparently, you can milk any animal with nipples. I think I read that somewhere. But I’m not sure if I’d like ferret milk in my PG Tips, so I for one am grateful for the humble cow.

So grateful, in fact that I spent 30 minutes up in my loft, fighting off spiders the size of tennis-balls trying to find these tent pegs to tell you about.

Cows? Spiders? Tent-pegs? Where’s he going with this?

Well, a couple of years ago Michael Eavis (he of the Glastonbury Beard) gave me a bunch of biodegradable tent-pegs made by GreenStake and told me (via a leaflet) that his cows were being killed by my metal tent-pegs. Well, probably not mine personally since I couldn’t find space enough at Glasto to actually pitch a tent and use pegs.

You see, pegs get left in fields. Grass grows in these fields. Farmers cut this grass and turn it into silage (stinky rotting grass) which they then feed to cows. And if the silage machines chop up your tent-pegs in the process, then poor old Daisy gets sharp bits of metal in her belly and dies an agonising death.

Well blimey! I don’t mind the odd steak on the BBQ, but that tent-peg story is a shocker. So, these cunning biodegradable (made from potatoes and and wheat and rot away after 4 months) tent pegs negate that risk to our udderly groovy friends. And that’s got to be a good thing, right?

SUMMARY: The GreenStake pegs are a top idea for anyone camping in a field where cows will ever be kept. I wouldn’t bother with them in a proper ‘site’, since they’re easy to snap and bend, but in the context where they’re meant to be used (farms) I can’t find fault.

Price: Free at Glastonbury, £2.99 for 10 elsewhere
From: Ethical Superstore

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