Green Oil – Chain Lube


Green Oil is so good for the environment, when compared to traditional chain lubes, that you’d be forgiven for thinking that it allowed you to crash through puddles soaking ramblers in mud by way of moral compensation.

Developed in a shed in Kent by the admirable Simon Nash, Green Oil is a small revolution in the ironically polluting world of cycle riding. It doesn’t contain any palm-oil, petrochemicals or teflon and thus as it gradually wears itself off your chain as you ride, it doesn’t leave a trail of nasties all over the countryside like some alternatives. Seriously, if you ride a bike, check the label on your normal chain lube – it’s horrible stuff.

Packaged in a recycled and recyclable bottle, the whole Green Oil ethos continues on the shelf. And in a nice little touch, you can take the bottle back for refills at participating outlets.

Right, so that’s the ‘story’ out of the way, let’s get down to the test.

It works. Very well indeed actually.

One of my bikes has been hanging outside over winter and it was in serious need of a lubing – the ideal opportunity to test Green Oil. A steady hand and light application to the chain later, followed by a bit of a rub-down to take off any excess and we were good to go. There was not a squeak to be heard.

A ride around a wet field and a few muddy paths, through a stream a couple of times and back through the mud didn’t seem to touch the lube at all. Encouraging stuff. Deliberately leaving the bike out in the rain for a few nights also didn’t result in the dreaded orange creep of surface rust.

And coming back to the bike a couple of weeks later for a closer look reveals that the oil is still in place, still doing its thing and the chain is still squeak free, running smooth and not in desperate need of another lubing.

I’ve left the Green Oil outside in the cold for a few nights and it doesn’t appear to have thickened too badly. It’s fairly thin at room temperature but the nice quality top on the bottle ensures that it requires a gentle squeeze to get the lube out, minimizing drips and loss of oil.

I was suitably impressed with the Green Oil that I set about lubing the whole bike – cables, gears, levers – and a little seems to go a long way, so the comparatively low price seems even better!

SUMMARY: Green Oil is good for the environment, great for lubing chains and excellent for giving you a sense of moral one-upmanship. It’s cheaper than a lot of the alternatives too, which is a great bonus. I can’t find any way to fault it.

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