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Before and after Green Clean Bike Cleaner
From ming to bling

After a day out coating my bike in England’s finest topsoil I need something that helps restore it to something close to its former glory. I’ve tried a few different well known brands of bike cleaner but this one is my favourite. Green Clean (as the name suggests) is harmless to the environment and actually seems to clean better than a couple of other well known bike cleaners.  Like the Green Oil Chain Lube, there’s a faint niff of  Hemp to it which makes you feel all nice and environmental while you use it.

Green Oil Bike Cleaner
Better than spit and polish

The frame cleaned up really nicely using the Green Clean and some not too arduous brushing. I’d used the Green Oil Chain lube as a general lubricant on the bike which cleaned off well when dirty. The two products work well together which is an added bonus as anything that cuts down cleaning time is more than welcome. One of the other things I like about the product is that it has a much more effective spray nozzle that somehow seems to distribute just about the right amount.  It’s great to wash the bike off on the lawn without fear of polluting the grass or the cat.  This  way the patio stays clean, the bike gets clean, the lawn gets all the tasty nutrients from the forest floor and everyone’s happy! I even scrubbed my muddy legs off with it.  Green products that work are the way forward.

SUMMARY: Many of you will be aware that mud by the bucket load is a largely in-avoidable part of mountain biking in the UK. If you ride off-road you need an effective product to clean up good and quick. This is one of the best bike cleaners on offer and won’t hurt pets or grass.

Price: £7.99
From: Bikegoo

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