Grab-It Pack – Hip/Leg pack

Robin Hood Lives!

America has given us many things of dubious usage over the years; The Edsel, nuclear warfare, and heart-attack on a plate breakfasts for 3. But making extra pocket volume out of a weapon holster does betray a certain amount of innovative thinking.

There's no easy way to photo this

The Grab-it Pack has apparently been taken on by psuedo military groups and stunt men across the pond with gusto – so my usage of it to carry some of my archery gear on shoots is really pretty tame. I like to travel light, but also appreciate having exactly the right kit at exactly the right moment.

The main benefit of the Grab-it pack is that you have enough carrying capacity for the essentials in an easy to pick up and put on package. Rather than having my jeans falling down from the weight of things in my pockets, the weight is carried on my hips comfortably and with no danger of exposing my unfashionably high waisted undies to the ladies. Again.

Being able to have belt-slung pouches permanently affixed extends the carrying capacity very nicely, albeit with the danger of appearing too much like Batman with his utility belt.

But for all it’s uses, the Grab-it pack does have some drawbacks, the worst being that the plastic belt clip does not have sufficient overlap on the clip to keep it safe from accidental unclipping due to the pressure of a well-paid-for paunch! Also after using mine for about a year now I’ve discovered that the nylon belt has a tendency to
fold up under the weight of loose belt pouches (not really the belt’s fault – the whole idea of the pack is that you no longer should need belt-looped pouches!)

The pockets themselves are usefully sized and relatively secure, although the velcro seems to be less than long-lived.

Overall the Pack has become very useful and certainly means the contents are easier to access than in the more traditional light rucksack, or waistbag and for the price the quality is probably OK but I’d like to see better quality finish, e.g. the Velcro and some of the stitching.

Overall I’d give it 3 hammers, but I’d buy another if it failed – I’ve found it very useful.

SUMMARY: The Grab-it Pack is a handy small-volume pack which is carried on your hip and upper leg. It’s large enough to fit a few essentials for a day out, but not a substitute for a daypack. A year’s worth of use has taken its toll on the Velcro and webbing belt, but overall it has been a good purchase.

 Price: $35.95 inc shipping, which is £23 at today’s exchange rate