GoToob – 3 Pack

My wife has a compulsive need to steal the shampoo and body lotion from every hotel room we ever stay in. But I can’t do this because I’m convinced that somewhere somebody is keeping a list and one time I’ll go to pass through airport security and be taken aside into the ‘Special’ room…


However, I don’t have any problem whatsoever with topping up these very cool little travel tubes with the very same lotions and potions for the next time that I find myself at a campsite and in need of good scrub down.

A packet of 3 GoToobs – each of which contains 1.25 ounces of liquid – would be enough for my average 2 week vacation and the fact that they screw down and close nice and tightly would fill me with confidence that they would not leak in my bag. A hard squeeze-test doesn’t produce any leaks.

Each little Toob has an adjustable collar which can be used to mark what the contents are, for example lotion, soap, shampoo, conditioner etc.


The Toob itself is silicone rubber which means you can squeeze the last of your shampoo out pretty easily and then wash them out with boiling water if you need to.

So, if like me you are perfectly happy with the brands of toiletries which you use at home (or find in hotels) and you resent having to buy small versions just because you fear the wrath of the TSA, then these tubes allow you really easily to squeeze in enough for a couple of weeks travel and away you go.

Price: $17.99 US
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