Go Travel – Wash It All

OK, so this may be the least sexy outdoor gear review ever written, but it’s a hundred times more sexy than a smelly bloke with greasy hair, crusty underpants and a dubious stain down his T-shirt, which is what you could be if you fail to pack correctly for a little winter-sun break and don’t have anything to wash with.

Go on... Go and wash it all.

Packaged in a little bottle of 95ml, which is small enough to go on a plane as hand-luggage and save you the gut-wrenching ‘delight’ of having to send your checked-bags on a week-long trip to Lisbon as you lounge, spare-pant less next to a pool in Florida.

It’s a chemical concoction of long-named substances, most of which appear on the shampoo bottles which I stare at foggy-eyed m ost mornings whilst the scorching water washes away too-few hours of sleepiness. And it comes in a reassuringly blue shade of blue. The same blue that they use on those feminine hygiene adverts where the thought of something dirty can’t possibly be considered.

Smelling like a generic body-wash it isn’t offensive at all, and smells good whether you’re washing your hair, clothes or dishes. I’ve tried all three, and in the case of the latter it smells a damn site nicer than the ‘autumn’ scented detergent The Wife bought recently. Ick.

Wash It All works well. It’s a little runny, so a lot goes a little way and you could accidentally use a week’s worth in a day, but once you get the hang of it the blue goo is tickety-boo for all things filthy.

SUMMARY: Wash It All is a little bottle of detergent which cleans all manner of things, and yet doesn’t leave your skin and scalp feeling dry or itchy. It’s a little too runny for my liking, but other than that it works well. Plus, when it’s finished, you get a handy carry-on sized bottle. Better than multiple bottle of potions for ultra-light travellers. Otherwise, puzzling.

 Price: £4
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