Go Travel – Micro Scale

I’m one of those people who can go on holiday and only take a small bag of essentials – pants, socks, a couple of T-shirts and a toothbrush – and unless I have to carry liquids or sharps I never check baggage. The last time I did that, my bag had a lovely vacation in Lisbon. I was in Frankfurt.

Scaled down to fit...

So it sends me in to a seething British rage – the type where you never say a word but wish unholy inflictions of warts upon a person – when the family in front of me in a check-in queue starts unpacking their bags, distributing undergarments across the terminal, in an effort to avoid an excess baggage charge.

 This little electronic scale from Go Travel (you know, the guys with a carousel of last-minute impulse purchases in every airport shop in the Western world) is just the ticket for making sure that the snaking queue of people at the airport isn’t making daggers into your back next time you fly.
Running off a single cell battery it displays the weight of anything you suspend from it in either KG or LB (handy if you’re flying to the US). It’ll weigh up to 35Kg (77Lb) which, frankly, if you’re over then you should probably re-examine how much stuff you’re taking away with you.
The scales come with a webbing tail which you loop around a bag’s handle and then thread back over the scale itself. Then you can simply lift the handle-shaped scale and read the display.
The Micro Scale isn’t the most comfortable thing to lift, by virtue of the fact that it’s designed with two ridges. If your bag is very heavy, these can cut in to your hand somewhat, which is a shame.
However, they appear to be accurate and easy to use, and pretty much foolproof.
SUMMARY: Lightweight and compact digital scales to prevent embarassment at airline check-in. Small enough to carry with you, accurate and foolproof. Just not perfectly comfortable when lifting heavy bags.
 Price: £16
 More: Go Travel 
  • On my last trip the excess baggage fee was £17 per kilo overweight (and most people in the queue ahead seemed to be being billed) So £16 seems a sound investment to me!

  • yates

    Am I the only one who just holds my suitcase while stood on the bathroom scales and then does the maths?

    I suppose it might be handy to take with you on holiday if you’re worried about your bag weight coming back. But by the time you’re packed for the return journey you’re kinda committed to bringing all your stuff home anyway.

    Seems like a solution looking for a problem to me.