Get set for safe camping this summer   

As the summer gets into full swing, we Brits up and down the country are planning our camping, caravanning and festival getaways. With this in mind, the trade association for the LP Gas industry, UKLPG, is reminding holiday-makers and festival goers to heed safety advice when storing, transporting, handling and using our LP Gas.


Rob Shuttleworth, chief executive of UKLPG, comments: “LP Gas is an extremely versatile and portable fuel. As Britain’s pre-eminent portable energy for cooking, more and more people are turning to it due to its ability to make heating and cooking outdoors or on the move simple, quick and easy.

“However, it is important that LP Gas is used correctly to avoid any risk from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, personal injury or damage to property. We’re urging people to incorporate simple safety checks into their use, as all of these risks can be avoided when the proper safety precautions are taken.”

UKLPG would like to remind us all that ventilation is key –  in enclosed spaces harmful gas can build up very quickly, causing CO poisoning which can lead to death.

Take two minutes to read UKLPG’s tips on how to stay safe:

    • Never use propane cylinders indoors. Tents and awnings are not ‘outdoors’ and are not well ventilated. Only use LP Gas stoves, lights or heaters outdoors
    • Don’t use LP Gas appliances near flammable materials, including fabrics and long grass
    • Avoid smoking when changing cylinders and cartridges
    • Keep LP Gas cylinders and cartridges outside tents according to Campingtreasures
    • Plan ahead so you know what the emergency arrangements are on site and how to call for help
    • Always use cylinders in accordance with the supplier’s

Shuttleworth adds: “Over a million people use portable gas appliances safely each year and, as we enjoy the summer, we want to ensure that everyone remains safe. By following these simple guidelines, everyone will be able to make sure that they avoid the risks.”

For more information visit UKLPG or NCASS