Generic handheld pepper grinder

Health and safety would have had a fit. There I was sitting by the campfire, head to toe in a bright pink Musuc sleeping bag, dodging sparks from the crackling wood and slightly inebriated. I was a screaming fireball waiting to happen.

More importantly, however, was the conversation going on around me. It wasn’t about my impending death though – it concerned my little yellow handheld pepper grinder which was being passed around drunken hands.
“It’s beautiful,” said Joe.
“It’s so small,” said Andy Y.

“It’s very well engineered,” said Martin or Vix or someone equally within earshot.

“I’ve spilled my ******* Carling,” said Scott.
There then followed more of a conversation than there should
have been between me, Mrs Muz and the grinder fans, such was the intoxication level of the assembled rabble. We then played poker and I lost.
Nevertheless the exchange made me think abou
t the grinder again. It is pretty. It is light (roughly the weight of three quarters of a field mouse) and I suppose it’s very well designed too.
I don’t really remember where I got it from though and I have no idea what the company behind it is. So for the purpose of this review I’ve Googled and come up with the link at the bottom.
I don’t use lipstick (not that I’d admit to in public) but I imagine that at 10cm it’s just a little longer that your average lippy with roughly the same circumference. It sports a transparent plastic body with a screw-in bottom in to which you pour the peppercorns. At the top of the body is a metal plunger on a spring, meaning the grind
er can be held in the hand and operated with the thumb. Plunging the plunger grinds a little pepper and spits it out of the bottom giving controlled distribution, if you want to go all fancy with your terminology.
Although designed for salt and pepper we’ve found that you can pop other dried grindy stuff in there too. We’re a three grinder family featuring salt, pepper and dried chilli flakes although we’re trying for a garlic flak
e grinder at the moment.
That’s all there is to it, really. Me like.

SUMMARY: It’s a grinder, it’s lovely and it gets sad people talking. What more could you ask for?

Price: £3.99
From: Millets
More info: What else could you possibly want to know?

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  • Joe

    As the person who won the poker, I liked this afternoon a lot. The grinders were cool, too. I'm not sure I'd want to spend quite that much on them. They're more reasonable from millets. Not that I've just bought any. No sir, not me.

  • Muz

    Joe, I've changed the link in the review to yours. A much better price.
    And you were lucky with the poker.

  • Vix

    I'm a bit upset. I was the one expounding its beauty. Both engineering-wise and aesthetically. That's the last time I wax lyrical on anything for you.


  • Muz

    I've made a change just for you, precious.

  • Mrs Muz ;-)

    We got them in a 50% off sale in Millets for £2 a pop. They are most ace. 🙂

  • I’ve just bought three. And a footpump. From Milletts. There is a 15% bank holiday discount on people. SHOP!

    I’ll review the foot pump for you if you like 😀