Gelert – Women’s Hill Trousers

Dance your way uphill

GWA HQ is nestled at the foot of some serious hills, so I have been perfectly placed to test these trousers over the last few months on many a dog-walk.

First impressions when putting them on is that they fit really rather well and are comfortable to wear whether teamed with walking boots or tucked into wellies. I’m a size 12 on the bottom and I find most regular women’s trousers (i.e. office type) tend to fit well on the hips but are then too big on the waist. These are kind of the opposite, they are absolutely fine on the thighs and bum but were a tad snug for my liking on the waist. They fit just fine but I was aware of the waistband and if I’d had a big breakfast I think it would be bordering on the uncomfortable. So I would definitely advise trying a pair on before buying.

I have, after 6 months of testing, managed to lose the waist fastening button which I think is testament to the snugness of my test pair (or perhaps to how many mince pies I ate over Christmas!). However, due to the zip, button and belt buckle fastening system I didn’t find myself in an embarrassing situation with the trousers around my ankles!

The labelling advised me that they are made of sun protection fabric and have a light water repellency.  I’ve worn them both in the sun and rain and can confirm that they are true to their claims. In light drizzle they performed remarkably well and on an added plus side they dried off rather quickly which makes them great when camping. They were no match for a heavy downfall, but then it would be unfair to mark them down on that point.

They are not insulated in any way so when wearing in the recent cold and frosty conditions I have paired them with a pair of wild stripes thermals which works well.

The trousers have lots of funky little features like a caribiner loop on the waist which is handy for attaching things securely. The main front pockets are nice and deep and I tend to chuck my keys/phone in those and have yet to loose anything. For added security the clever people at Gelert have also added a subtle side pocket featuring a zip which is great for carrying money in for those all important ‘refreshment stops!’

The back pockets and leg pockets (which I’ve yet to decide what that’s really useful for – Andy puts his phone in there but I find that too annoying) all feature Velcro fastening.

The build/stitch quality is very good and despite having be worn and washed for several months – apart from the missing button – they are still looking good. They also pass my overt-logo snobbery as they are subtly stitched on the pocket flaps in a matching colour to the trousers.

My test pair are brown, which is fairly inoffensive and outdoorsy, but a nose around Gelert’s site tells me they are also available in grey and black and you can also order short, regular or long lengths which is fantastic and leads to believe they’ve really thought about who they’ve designed these for.

At £30 I consider these to be really good value.

SUMMARY: Well fitting and well made trousers which have been comfortable on 6-months worth of hill walks with the dog. Drizzle-proof and sun protective they will protect from a range of unforeseen weathers, and at a price which is competitive.

 Price: £30
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